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Dual-Campus MA in Environmental Security and Peace

Dual-Campus MA in Environmental Security and Peace
(Costa Rica Campus and Toronto Centre)

The University for Peace (UPEACE), affiliated to the United Nations, is pleased to announce that applications are now invited for the Dual-Campus MA program in Environmental Security and Peace, for the 2006 – 2007 academic year.

The MA in Environmental Security and Peace focuses on the interface between peace, development and environmental security. In particular, it concentrates on the links between several factors of insecurity: environmental stress and degradation, threats to livelihoods, harms to the resilience of fragile ecosystems, intensified competition over natural resources and, in certain volatile situations, escalating violence and conflict.

There is a major shortage of skilled and motivated people who fully understand these complex issues and their inter-linkages. The MA in Environmental Security and Peace responds to these challenges by providing motivated individuals with the necessary skills to understand, define and manage the actions needed to reduce the threats to peace arising from environmental change, and to make significant contributions towards improving environmental security and peace around the world.

The MA in Environmental Security and Peace is delivered in a dual mode between the UPEACE Campus in Costa Rica and the UPEACE Toronto Centre in Canada. The complete programme lasts for one year, out of which 4 months are spent studying at the UPEACE Toronto Centre. By combining the best resources available in Costa Rica and Canada this program offers a unique opportunity to study environmental security issues from different perspectives.

For the 2006 – 2007 academic year, UPEACE will be offering 10 full scholarships to qualified applicants in the MA in Environmental Security and Peace. One of these scholarships is designated for a Canadian applicant.

For more information on the structure and content of the MA in Environmental Security and Peace, as well as application instructions and scholarship information, please visit http://www.upeace.org/programmes/esp.cfm
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